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TNR programme

We catch feral cats and transport them to the veterinary surgery where they are neutered before being returned to the area where they were found.  The cats are also blood tested for Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia because both diseases are easily transferred between cats and whole colonies can be infected very quickly.  Any cats who test positive for these diseases are humanely euthanised.  This can be very sad because the cats sometimes show no symptoms of illness but it is the only way to stop these unpleasant diseases from spreading and affecting the rest of the feline community.

Between August 2009 and December 2018, we have captured and neutered 3449 cats.


All feral cats that are neutered have a small amount taken from the top of their left ear so that, at any time, it can be seen straight away whether a cat has been neutered.  

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